Impact of Parental Child Abduction in New Jersey

The abduction of a child by a parent can be incredibly detrimental to a family, even after the child has been returned safely. Not only can this situation permanently break the trust between the parents, but the child may have a difficult time processing what happened and adjusting to life back at home.

If your family is struggling with the impact of a recent parental child abduction, a local lawyer may be able to help. A skilled family law attorney could give you peace of mind in the aftermath of this traumatic situation and help ensure that your child is protected under the law from the abductor.

Parental Alienation in Child Abduction

Abduction is often frightening and confusing for the child involved, and this experience can significantly alter how the child interacts with the rest of their family after they return home. The abductor may use a number of tactics to instill distrust and resentment of the other parent in the child through parental alienation. They may say that the other parent is abusive or a bad person, or that they do not want the child or are not looking for them. In extreme circumstances, the abductor will tell the child that the other parent is no longer alive.

The length of time that the child has been away from the other parent can make a difference in the nature of the relationship they have once the child returns home. Depending on the child’s age, they can internalize this resentment, along with the feeling that they’ve done something wrong themselves.

This emotional distress and lack of stability can be destructive to a child’s mental health. A knowledgeable attorney in the area could work to combat the effects of parental alienation after an abduction by helping a parent achieve child custody modifications to prevent the abductor from continuing to harm their child’s mental state.

Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Abduction

The short-term effects of a parental kidnapping often involve the child behavioral issues in the aftermath of the event. This may be unsettling or surprising, especially if the child previously displayed good behavior and healthy relationships with their family members and classmates.

However, it is important to understand the extent of the psychological damage the child may have faced during their abduction. They were ripped away from their parent and their surroundings that they were used to, and as a result may need professional help in addition to their parent’s efforts. Psychiatric intervention may not only be necessary, but it could be an influential part of the child’s healing process.

More long-term effects of a child abduction often involve the child’s self-esteem. They could wrestle with feelings of guilt and distrust for years after their abduction, which could affect how they view themselves and their relationships with others. It may be important for a parent to watch for signs of mental illness in their child as they grow up and provide them with the necessary resources to alleviate the impact of their abduction.

A New Jersey Attorney Could Help Mitigate the Impact of a Parental Child Abduction

A parental child abduction can be a devastating event for a family to endure, and its effects can be long-lasting. A New Jersey parental child abduction lawyer could help you get your child back from the abducting parent and protect them from a similar situation happening again, and also help you navigate the difficult transition of bringing your child home. If you are currently dealing with a parental child abduction, call today to enlist the help of our dedicated legal team.

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