Role of a New Jersey Alimony Lawyer

It is important for an individual to have an experienced alimony attorney by their side when determining alimony support payments. The process of establishing an alimony contract can be complex, and there are many factors that come into play when calculating the correct amount.

The role of a New Jersey alimony lawyer is to help the ex-spouses reach a spousal support agreement that satisfies both of the parties. Having an experienced matrimonial practitioner who could go through each of those factors and apply them to the two parties’ particular situation could maximize the result.

Maintaining Fairness in Alimony Payments

The objective of a spousal support attorney is to best represent their party and achieve the best deal possible. They could ensure fairness in the final agreement and maximize the alimony award by obtaining all relevant information from the ex-spouses to determine what the appropriate award should be. They can do this through careful analysis of the particular circumstances of the two parties, their financial needs, their abilities to support themselves, and tax considerations.

An experienced practitioner’s familiarity with the alimony statute, the case law, the judges presiding over the case could be invaluable to someone seeking to establish a fair alimony agreement. The role of a skilled New Jersey attorney could be crucial in setting an effective alimony payment plan.

Involvement in Mediation

When parties cannot come to an agreement with each other’s respective attorneys, they will often attend mediations with their counsel. The mediator is often a neutral party who will assist the parties and the attorneys in coming to a resolution.

In order to work through the alimony issues that the two parties are facing, an experienced New Jersey attorney’s role is to advocate for their client to the mediator. This process could decrease the tension between the two parties and allow them to continue to work productively to reach a settlement.

Offering Legal Advice

A qualified legal professional in New Jersey could provide valuable guidance to both parties of an alimony agreement, as well as advice that is specifically tailored to each party’s situation. Both parties should be acquainted with all of their expenses, their assets, their liability, and their tax returns, and they should secure documentation that could help them in knowing their financial predicament.

To the Alimony Payor

An attorney could advise the payor of alimony to maintain the status quo during the proceedings. They should stay aware of the other party’s spending habits and mark any significant changes, such as a sudden increase in spending and asking for additional funds that they didn’t normally ask for during the marriage. This extra level of scrutiny could ensure that the other party does not play games to increase expenses or remove funds for their own benefits during the payment calculation process.

Additionally, if the alimony payor is going to be fulfilling their support obligations by paying bills, a lawyer could advise them to pay the bills directly if they are concerned that the other party will not use the money appropriately. For example, if the payor makes the mortgage or car payments directly rather putting the money into a joint account and relying on the other person to use the money for those purposes, they can reduce the risk of their ex abusing their spousal support.

To the Alimony Recipient

An attorney could advise the person receiving alimony to make a habit of closely examining their bank account and being cognizant of their ex-spouse’s deposits, to ensure that they are not depriving them of funds. They should also make sure that the credit cards in their name are getting paid, and that their ex-spouse is still providing the same amount of money to cover the credit cards and their bills.

An attorney would tell an alimony recipient in New Jersey to still maintain the standard of living that they had during the marriage, and not to start cutting corners to save money, as the spousal support payments should allow them to maintain their previous spending habits. If the recipient feels that the other party is suddenly cutting them off or is not providing the same amount of money, they should immediately contact their attorney, so that they can take care of the issue.

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An individual without dedicated legal counsel could be at a disadvantage in the spousal support determination process. The role of a New Jersey alimony lawyer is to ensure that alimony payments are calculated fairly and efficiently and help the two parties reach a settlement with minimal conflict. Call today to schedule a consultation with a member of our compassionate legal team and learn more about your options.

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