What Not to Post Online During Divorce

If you are currently fighting for custody of your children or dealing with legal issues in a divorce, then it is important that you monitor what you are posting online. If you start venting to Facebook or posting Tweets about your frustrations then they may be used against you in the court. This is especially relevant when you are dealing with custody situations.

In their monthly newsletter, Moskowitz Law Group, LLC recommends that individuals that are dealing with custody issues steer clear of venting on Facebook, Twitter, or any other public social media site. It is not only your feelings that you should keep off of Facebook. During divorce battles and child custody arguments, you should also avoid posting any information about big purchases you have made and vacations that you have taken recently. The information that you post online about your brand new car or your European tour can color the court’s view of your finances and affect your child support settlement.

As well, you should make sure to avoid posting any photos, videos, or statuses about parties or other rowdy get-togethers and activities with friends that are not kid-friendly. For example, if you went clubbing with your girls last week, it is best to keep those photos offline. Your ex-spouse and his or her lawyer has the right to use those photos to present you as a poor parent, and you wouldn’t want some harmless pictures to ruin your ability to spend time with your children. Photos of excessive drinking, smoking, drug-related issues, or other illegal or “adult” activities should be kept offline.

In addition, it is important that you check your profiles frequently to make sure that no one in your family or none of your friends are posting these photos. Family members may be prone to post about new purchases without your permission, without thinking that it could reflect on your poorly. Friends may tag you in photos from the other night if you are not careful, also putting you in a bad light even though they didn’t mean any harm. It is important to communicate with friends and family about this and discuss the fact that no one should be posting photos of this nature online.

It is also very important that you stay positive online. Don’t post venting Facebook statuses about your lawyers, your ex-spouse, the judge in your case, or anything else pertaining to the divorce. Whatever words you post online can be used against you, so it is best to stay positive and avoid any negativity online. Also, make sure that none of your friends post comments about the situation on your wall or Tweet at you. Even if they are trying to be helpful, they may end up ruining the goals for your case.

Also, don’t write anything online that you wouldn’t want your kids to read. Chances are that they can view your profile, and even if you don’t think that they can chances are that word will get around and they will discover what you have posted. It is also important that you never post anything that you wouldn’t want a judge hearing your case to know about. Because your spouse’s lawyer is probably searching for evidence that puts you in a bad light, it is important that you be as careful as possible to avoid any situations where you may post something that could lead to a bad situation.

Ultimately, Moskowitz Law Group, LLC wants to help you fight your case. You need a dedicated Bergen County divorce attorney on your side to help you as you work through this difficult season of life. Call us today to get started with a free case review.

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