The Rules of Dating During Divorce

Divorce is a difficult time for you with arguments about how to divide assets among other things and potential issues with custody and children. The dissolution of a marriage may also be confusing as many people are unsure of how to act when getting a divorce. One thing to keep in mind while considering dating during divorce is that it may have negative consequences. Waiting to date can be beneficial for you strategically, legally, and emotionally. If you are considering dating while still going through the process of divorce, it may be wise to speak with your attorney first.

Dating Before Divorce is Often Not a Good Strategy

Since divorce is difficult for each party, your spouse may get hurt when you begin dating before the divorce is finalized. Your spouse may pursue compensation for the irritation, pain or distress they might feel for your dating somebody else. Dating during a divorce may also complicate the legal process because your spouse may let their emotions cloud their judgment, potentially leading them to change how to split marital assets as well as fight you for custody of your children.

Dating may damage your relationship with your spouse if you begin to date before the divorce is finalized. If you have children, it may be prudent to wait until you are legally divorced to begin dating, prioritizing an amicable relationship with your spouse for the children’s best interest.

Dating Could Complicate Things in Court Before a Divorce

In the eyes of the court, you are still married until the divorce is finalized. Additionally, New Jersey recognizes fault in a divorce case so if you are dating, your ex-spouse may allege adultery, potentially impacting the result of your divorce in terms of spousal support and property settlement.

The court upholds the same rules even if you are separated. Dating during divorce may cause the judge to question your morals because it is seen as marital misconduct. The judge may develop a bias against you if they disapprove of your dating behavior. Although bias is not permitted in the U.S. legal system, judges are human and it may subconsciously affect the outcome of your case.

Dating Before Divorce Can Cause Mixed Emotions

Dating can be a good distraction by making you happy and raising self-esteem. While a new partner may help you avoid some of the strain that comes with a divorce, you will need to deal with these emotions at some point. During a divorce, you are facing immense stress, and that may change the way you interact with others and what you look for in a new partner.

Still Thinking About Dating During Divorce?

Ultimately, if you begin dating during a contested divorce, you may be handing your spouse a significant advantage. It may be wise to wait to start dating until your divorce is finalized. However, if you have any further questions or are unsure about how to approach romance while your marriage is ending, contact a legal representative at Moskowitz Law Group today. Our attorneys have experience in divorce cases and may be able to help you navigate through this difficult time.

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