How to Tell Your Kids that You’re Getting a Divorce

Being the bearer of bad news to your children can be difficult and heart wrenching but you could alleviate some of the pressure when informing your kids you’re getting a divorce by focusing on simplicity and honesty. There’s no perfect way to go about helping them to understand this major change, but these tips might help you make the best out of a tough situation.

Address the situation on a united parental front:

Even if the decision to divorce may not be mutual, its important to present it as such. Sending clear and cohesive messages about what is going on may mitigate some of the initial confusion about how things might change. It is essential to avoid hostility to ensure that children are not asked or led to take sides. Accusations may lead children to blame one party for the divorce, whether it is just or not.  Use productive, impartial language and share in the task of answering questions your child may have.

Make a game plan ahead of time, but prepare for a variety of reactions:

Make sure you’ve chosen an appropriate time and place to have this conversation. Don’t wait until the day before a big exam, social event, or other things important to your child. Depending on their age and personality, your kids may have a variety of different reactions that you must prepare for. Stay calm and adapt to the situation. Whether they react with a great deal of emotion or withdraw, it is important to support them and validate their feelings. Decide on some key messages that are important to hear and remain consistent with what you are saying and have decided.

Be open to continuing the conversation:

Be open to answering questions and continuing the discussion with your child in the future. Make space to step back and notice how they are handling the situation and adjust your care from there. Continue to be open, honest, and responsive to your children’s emotional needs.

Each family’s divorce is unique, so it’s important you have an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to potentially avoid any complications with divorce litigation. Our qualified attorneys work hard every day to give each client a fair understanding of every step of the divorce process. Contact Moskowitz Law Group today to start with a case evaluation!

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