5 Tips for Custody Battle

Custody battles are often difficult for every party involved, especially if there is conflict over the arrangements to be made. These custody conflicts can be long and have a negative impact on your children. Making an amenable settlement out of court is usually preferable, but sometimes it is necessary to fight for what you know is best for your children. Here are five tips to potentially improve your chances during a custody battle.

Try Not to Quarrel With Your Spouse

It is important not to fight because your kids suffer from this. BBC News found that when children see their parents fight, it has a negative impact on their academics. Don’t tell your kids about what is going on in court and avoid disparaging comments about your spouse. Additionally, keeping your children out of the courtroom during the custody hearings could avoid stressing them in an already tumultuous time, and potentially circumvent further issues from a judge.

Support Your Children

No matter how things are going in court, you have a duty to support your kids. As difficult as it may be, allowing your children to have a meaningful relationship with your ex could positively impact them in the long-run. Additionally, it is essential to offer financial support to your children. If there are issues with paying to take care of the child, it may influence the judge.

Keep Written Documentation

Documenting everything is important to tell the whole story in court. Keep track of who had the children on what holidays as well as everything you do with your children and how much you have spent on the kids. There are online parenting tools available to help you keep track of these things.

Don’t Move in With Somebody New

It is inadvisable to move in with a new partner during a custody battle. As it would involve a significant change to the youth’s life, a judge may take issue with it and favor your ex. Additionally, it may prove a large shock to your child as they are coming to terms with their parents divorcing.

Don’t Lie About Your Ex

If you make false allegations against your ex, your accusations could be used as powerful evidence against you. Any kind of lie could cause the judge to question your credibility on every aspect of the case because it shows the judge that you will not necessarily do what is best for your children, but what you want to win. A lie about your ex also demonstrates that you are actively undermining your kids’ relationship with one of their parents.

If you are currently or about to be embroiled in a custody battle, contact one of our experienced divorce attorneys. A seasoned lawyer could be an advocate by your side, fighting for the welfare of your children with you.

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