Family Law Litigation: What to Expect in a Trial

In matters involving divorce or family law, including child custody and parenting time, spouses are encouraged to communicate, compromise, and reach workable agreements outside of the courtroom. While this can be a difficult process and one that requires the counsel and representation of proven attorneys who can protect your rights and interests, it often proves beneficial for families and can alleviate the need for time-consuming and costly litigation. However, not all matters can be easily resolved, which is why fighting for your rights in court may be necessary.

As a law firm that prioritizes service tailored to the unique needs of our clients, Moskowitz Law Group, LLC works closely with divorcing spouses, parents, and others with family law issues to provide the information they need to reach resolutions out of court. However, we know that not all disputes can be resolved amicably, which is why we also leverage our experience to fight on behalf of clients and protect their rights and interests in court. Whether disputes involve child custody, property division, or other family law issues – we want our clients to know what they can expect.

For those with disputes that cannot be settled out of court, trial may be necessary. Here’s what you should expect when it comes time for you to present your case in court:

  • A judge will make the decision – One important thing to consider is by going to court, your matter and future will be in the hands of a judge. Although there are laws and rules with which judges base their decisions on, there is also ample opportunity to present your facts and evidence in support of your position. This means you need to understand the importance of making the most of this decision, or weigh the risks of receiving decision not in your favor with any opportunities for striking compromise out of court.
  • Mange your expectations – While you want to protect your rights and interests, you must also enter litigation with reasonable expectations. This means your position should be realistic, and supported by facts, evidence, and clear and convincing arguments. Our attorneys provide clients with information about what to expect in their situations, possible risks and potential outcomes, and how their case can be structured accordingly.
  • Preparation is key – If your matter is heading to trial, you need to understand that a great deal of information will be required. That means taking the time to prepare not only important documents, information, testimony, and other evidence, but also how to best present your position. A lawyer can help make the most of this process.
  • An attorney can make the difference – Ultimately, going to court is a high-stakes matter that can impact your future, as well as a legal process filled with complex laws, procedural rules, and information with which you will likely lack experience and knowledge. By having an advocate on your side who handles divorce and family law cases, you can benefit from insight-driven counsel and prepare for the best course of action.

Litigation is often something most divorcing spouses and families want to avoid – but there are times when it may be necessary in order to protect your rights and interests. If you have questions about a family law matter or wish to discuss how our legal team at Moskowitz Law Group, LLC can help you resolve a dispute, contact us for a free case review.

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