Enforcing Child Support Orders – Dealing with a Deadbeat Parent

Child support orders can ensure financial support to fulfill the best interest of a child following a divorce, and parents have a legal obligation to adhere to the details of a child support order. Despite this, there are several reasons why a parent may be unable to meet their financial obligations. When this occurs, a parent receiving payments may be able to turn to state officials to help enforce child support order in New Jersey.

How Can I Enforce a Child Support Agreement?

There are several common situations in which a parent may be able to enforce a child support agreement. This includes cases where a parent refuses to make payments, is unable to provide financially, or cannot fully pay the amount specified in a child support order issued by essay maker. Whenever this occurs, a parent may be able to contact the New Jersey Office of Child Support Services (OCSS). Once contacted, OCSS may issue a notice for a court hearing. At the hearing, a judge could order a past-due child support payment to be paid immediately for the full amount due. A court may also create a payment plan where a parent could make periodic payments on child support debt.

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Options When a Parent is Unable to Pay Child Support

In cases where a parent is unable to pay a past-due child support payment, there are several actions New Jersey family courts could take to ensure the best interests of a child are met. This includes seizing assets, establishing financial limitations, and garnishing wages or unemployment benefits of a non-paying ex-spouse. If a parent continues to not pay child support, they may face additional consequences including revocation of a driver’s license, reporting non-payment to credit bureaus, or jail time.

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Many individuals may experience difficulty navigating New Jersey child support laws without legal counsel. A knowledgeable family law attorney from the Moskowitz Law Group, LLC, could advise you on your rights and help determine your options. To speak to one of our experienced child support lawyers, contact us today.

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