Divorce Statistics: Looking Back at 2017

Divorce, like any other area of law, evolves and adapts constantly. It is also impacted by various trends, changing attitudes, and new perspectives. One of the best ways to view those changes is by viewing statistics and digging deep into what they mean. Below are a few divorce statistics from the last year and their stories:

  • Marriage isn’t for everyone – More Americans, and especially young adults, are waiting longer to get married than couples of previous generations. At the same time, cohabitation of unmarried couples has increased across all age groups. This shows more Americans are content with healthy relationships, even if it doesn’t involve marriage, and even if couples want to live together or have children. In fact, a 2017 relationship study conducted by Avvo found that just 5% of people say that having a child would be a primary factor in getting married.
  • Divorce is more accepted – As millennials have aged through a time where they were exposed to divorce in numerous ways, and views about the process and healthy relationships have changed, more Americans view divorce as a reasonable and “morally acceptable” decision. According to a Gallup poll 73% feel this way, the highest percentage every recorded. The poll also found that acceptance has frown most among adults age 55 and older.
  • Gray divorce is more common – As a result of growing acceptance of divorce among older Americans, “gray divorce” is on the rise. According to one study, Americans ages 55 and older had the highest percentage of first-time divorce among any age group. Because older individuals have different concerns and issues to address when they do get divorce – such as retirement benefits, medical needs, and others – they can benefit from working with attorneys who have the experience and foresight to protect their interests.
  • Divorce rates have eased up – Divorce rates saw their highest levels in the 80s and 90s, but they have begun to steadily level out in recent years. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the divorce rate in 2015 was at its lowest in 35 years, and has remained consisted since then. That doesn’t mean divorce still doesn’t happen, or that divorce attorneys are out of a job. In fact, more Americans today have a better understanding of the importance of working with a lawyer if they were to choose divorce.
  • Divorce affects over one million children each year – Divorce has an impact on everyone in a family, including children. According to statistics from Avvo, over 60% of divorcing couples have children, and over 1 million children in the U.S. each year go through their parents divorcing. That divorce has a lasting impact on children as they age as well, which is why it becomes so critical to prioritize kids during divorce, and to establish the parenting plans, custody, and visitation arrangements that allow them to have a healthy relationship with both their parents.
  • Prenups are becoming more common – In a recent blog post, we discussed how prenuptial agreements are on the rise, especially among millennials and women. Whereas prenups were once viewed as something only used by celebrities or the mega wealthy, it is now being viewed as a smart and practical way of protecting one’s rights during one of life’s most important decisions.

Because our firm focuses on divorce and family law, we see many of these trends and changes first hand, and have the experience to help clients in need of navigating their own personal legal matters. If you wish to discuss a potential case involving divorce, child custody, or another family law issue, contact Moskowitz Law Group, LLC for a free initial consultation. We’re available 24/7 to help!

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