A Change Of Heart: What To Do When You Want To Reconcile Rather Than Divorce

The decision to end your marriage is not one that should be made without serious thought. Getting a divorce changes your family structure and your future. So what do you do when mid-way through the process you have a change of heart? Is it possible to undo what’s been done and reconcile? The answer is yes! If, during your case, you and your spouse make the decision to work on your marriage you can do so. You are not obligated to finalize the divorce if you change your mind.

In order to make this change though, a lot of hard work is required. If you are determined to put forth the effort needed to resolve the issues that led to filing for divorce the statistics are good that your marriage can work. The numbers show that 2/3 of people were able to reconcile an unhappy marriage after 5 years. Some of the biggest areas where people were able to change course and remain married rather than divorce come in the areas of finance and communication. We all know money is one of the biggest factors that cause divorce. Seeking financial counseling and implementing a budget are good ways to begin getting over this hurdle. It can also help to take on a second job to pay down debt, or go back to school to further your career. Without the stress and tension caused by tight finances, many couples are able to avoid divorce and find a way to make their marriage work.

Another key area where most people need help is with communication. Trained counselors and therapists can be of enormous help when a couple is not communicating effectively. Learning how to listen and respond to your partner’s needs helps them do the same for you. When people feel understood they are less likely to argue, which often times escalates. Working through the problems of money and communication, and other issues unique to your relationship can be a reality. If you and your spouse are dedicated to making positive changes, you can reconcile and put an end to your divorce by getting back together rather than seeing your divorce case go the distance.

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