Advice for Marriage During Quarantine

Advice for Marriage During Quarantine

Transitioning to working from home after spending a majority of your time out of the house can be a tough adjustment for anyone. You have to create a new routine and find a spot that you can work productively in. If you have children, this could be an even bigger and more drastic adjustment for everybody. Many are wondering how working from home and constantly sharing the same space as your spouse can affect your marriage.

There are a few things that you and your spouse can do to maintain a happy and healthy home environment while everybody is stuck at home.

Designate Space

Decide who gets to work where in your home. If possible, create a workspace that is for you, and you only, allowing you to keep your office life there. If you are both working in the same space, it may become frustrating, similar to how you might become frustrated with a coworker.

Chances are you’ve never had to work with your spouse before. While you might not be collaborating on the same job, being in the same room or in direct proximity could get old very quickly. Be sure that each of you has their own space so you don’t distract one another with your respective tasks.

Go Outdoors

While non-essential travel is currently forbidden for many parts of the country, including New Jersey. Going outside of your house for a walk is still okay for most as long as the proper social distancing measures are followed. Even if you aren’t able to go for a walk, stepping outside for 10 minutes and getting some fresh air is good for you in a time where everyone is home. If you can get some exercise outside that is even better. But make it a point to be outdoors for a small portion of each day. It can help you to feel refreshed and is an effective way to get some personal space and destress.

Create Structure and Boundaries

Structure is vital during this time, especially if you have children at home too. Decide what hours of the day will be set aside for working or instructing the kids. If you have young children, decide who will be in charge of them for certain portions of the day so the other parent can get work done.

Decide what parts of the day it’s okay to interact and when you need no interruptions for something like a conference call. Also set times where work is done for the day and do something to enjoy each other’s company. By creating these structures and sticking to a schedule, you can help maintain a sense of normalcy in your relationship, potentially avoiding conflict or tension.

Ask for Help

Given the current situation with the coronavirus, many people are stressed and worried. It is important to seek assistance if you are feeling overwhelmed or overly anxious about things. Contact a therapist who may be able to help, as adding your stress to your partner’s may become overwhelming for them. Seeking professional third-party help is a great idea in times like this when mental or emotional distress are anticipated.


Now, perhaps more than ever, communication is key. Having an open line of communication and healthy discourse through this situation is important. Voice concerns or if you are struggling with something to find a productive solution together. Social distancing should not lead to complete social isolation because that is how tension builds and conflict begins.

Stay open and connect with one another about what is going on. Actively listen and allow the space for one another to voice concerns, and if there is tension, remember that it is you and your partner versus your shared problem, and not each other.

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