4 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Divorce Case

There is nothing worse than having the best of intentions, but getting less than desirable results. For instance, you may want to lose 10 pounds, but have a hard time resisting an after dinner sweet. Or, you might have a presentation to give at work, but instead of spending the time preparing, you occupy your time watching TV.

In order to get to results that work, you have to put in the work. This applies to your divorce case, and it will involve learning to recognize when you are taking steps that cause more harm than good, and taking a step back from those habits.

  1. Not providing your attorney with the information they need – When you hire an attorney, you will have an experienced advocate to protect your rights and interests as you navigate an unfamiliar legal process. Although lawyers can do a lot of the legal work on your behalf, you can also take an active role in helping the process proceed as swiftly and successfully as possible. Handle requests from your attorney promptly, being sure to provide all relevant information and documents pertaining to your case. It will benefit the trajectory of your case and the final outcome.
  2. Having unrealistic expectations – Working with an attorney is a positive step in working toward the results you want, but you should be realistic about what can reasonably be expected. Taking a hard line on certain elements of your case may be wise, but not always. What you want and what is reasonable may not always align. In fact, working amicably with the opposing party can help save you costs and time, in addition to frustration. Work with your attorney to learn about your rights and what you can reasonably expect in regard to the law and your particular case.
  3. Controlling your emotions – Divorce is an emotionally turbulent time, but you should have control over what you say and do when it involves your case. Contacting an ex-spouse or family members or posting certain things on social media can actually hurt your case. In fact, some attorneys will use comments or posts to further their case, such as highlighting the fact one party may not be the best choice for custody.
  4. Taking others’ opinions as fact – A lot of people have stories about divorce, and talking about the process can help. However, you should always take opinions and suggestions with a grain of salt. Every case is different, and what works for others may not always work for you given the particular set of facts and circumstances involved. If you have questions about suggestions other people give you, bring them up to your attorney.

At Moskowitz Law Group, LLC, we place an emphasis on working closely with our clients and guiding them step by step through the divorce process. By leveraging our extensive experience and resources, we have helped many clients resolve their family law concerns – and many benefited their own case by doing their part along the way.

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