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  • How to Prevent International Parental Child Abduction

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 14-Jul-2017

    International parental child abduction occurs when a parent takes their child out of the country without properly notifying the other parent to gain full approval. It often follows a divorce or contested divorce that did not end on amicable terms. In order to try to “get back” at the other parent, a jaded parent may decide to violate child custody rules and abruptly flee the country, ...
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  • How Does Domestic Violence Change the Divorce Process?

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 6-Jul-2017

    How Does Domestic Violence Change the Divorce Process? Domestic violence affects hundreds of men and women across the country each year, and it is no surprise it is the basis of many divorces. If you are a victim of domestic violence from your spouse and are seeking a divorce from this person, you may be wondering how the presence of domestic violence affects the entire divorce process. While ...
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  • Protecting Yourself Financially During a Divorce

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 28-Jun-2017

    Divorces are incredibly draining for all involved, both emotionally and financially. Protecting yourself financially is essential during a divorce, because you are going to experience many lifestyle changes throughout this process. Many people are unprepared for the shock of suddenly going from a dual-income household to just one, which is why the post-divorce adjustment can be very difficult for ...
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  • Three Reasons Why You Should Have Already Made a Prenuptial Agreement

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 6-Jun-2017

    Prenuptial agreements tend to have a negative reputation among those soon to be wed. Many people are led to believe that if you want to make a prenup, you are basically betting on your divorce failing sooner or later. Indeed, if you approach the idea of drafting a prenup incorrectly, it could potentially upset your fiancé(e) and jeopardize your wedding plans. But this is not to say in the ...
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  • Obtaining Custody Modifications

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 30-May-2017

    There’s one thing that’s almost certain about life: circumstances will change, and possibly change fairly frequently. This means that a divorce agreement which was carefully crafted and fair when it was signed most likely won’t stay that way over time. Fortunately, the terms of your divorce agreement are not set in stone and can be modified later to ensure they remain effective ...
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  • What's Yours is Mine: How New Jersey Sees Marital Assets in Divorce

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 23-May-2017

    To complete your divorce in New Jersey, you and your spouse are going to have to agree upon – or fight it out over – a great many things. Perhaps none will be as stressful as deciding asset and debt division. Few people are willing to give up pieces of property they hold dear or that are of certain value, but marital assets have to go to one person or another eventually. What is ...
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  • Divorcing an Abusive Spouse

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 18-May-2017

    Spousal abuse is an unfortunate and far-too-common problem in some homes. Whether you or your children are suffering from emotional or physical abuse, it’s pivotal you seek safety as soon as possible protect yourself and your family from further harm as well as begin the divorce and prosecution process. Domestic violence is a criminal offense in the state of New Jersey, as well as grounds to ...
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  • What Happens If I Can't Pay My Child Support Obligation?

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 16-May-2017

    Raising a child is going to be expensive, no matter how your finances look. Monetary strain can be exasperated after a divorce. It is highly likely that monthly child support obligations will be established, paid by the spouse that generally makes more income to the other spouse that has also obtained primary child custody rights. However, when child support is established as part of a divorce, it ...
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  • Moving Away & Out-of-State with Your Child After Divorcing

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 9-May-2017

    It is not common for a divorce case in New Jersey or any other state to conclude with one parent losing all rights to see their child. Even if sole physical and legal child custody rights are granted to one parent, the other typically receives visitation rights, such as being allowed to see their child once a month. Due to the prevalence of joint custody and visitation agreements, it is often ...
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  • Does Cheating Matter in a Divorce?

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 28-Apr-2017

    While cheating or an affair may have resulted in the end of your marriage, does it influence the terms of your divorce settlement? In New Jersey, martial misconduct – such as adultery – is not often considered when determining the divorce agreement. Which is why in many cases, couples often file a no-fault divorce instead of highlighting adultery as the cause. If a spouse decides ...
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  • Can I Have a Restraining Order Removed?

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 13-Apr-2017

    In New Jersey, restraining orders are often permanent. However, there are certain circumstances which the court will consider to possibly dismiss a restraining order. Either the aggressor or the victim may petition the court to remove a restraining order. Each petition is reviewed on an individual basis and typically a court will remove the restraining order only when the specific circumstances ...
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  • What is the Difference Between Divorce & Annulment?

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 13-Feb-2017

    When it comes to ending a marriage, there are two possible choices: divorce and annulment. Most people are familiar with how divorce works, but annulment is much less clear. In this blog, we will clarify the differences so that you have a better picture of what your options are for ending a marriage in New Jersey. In a divorce, a legally recognized marriage is dissolved before the death of either ...
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  • Why a DIY (Do It Yourself) Divorce May Be A Bad Idea

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 11-Feb-2017

    Going through a divorce is never easy, even if the split is considered amicable. With so many issues to be decided, including property division, child custody and support, spousal maintenance, and more, things can quickly become overwhelming for those who are not familiar with their state’s divorce laws or how the process works. Combined with the numerous emotional and financial burdens that ...
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  • Do I Have To Separate Before Filing For Divorce?

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 8-Feb-2017

    The last thing that a couple ready to divorce wants to hear is that they have to endure a period of mandatory legal separation before their marriage can be dissolved. Whereas this was once a requirement in New Jersey, this is thankfully no longer the case. Now, a spouse can file for divorce on the no-fault ground of “irreconcilable differences” and can proceed without having to wait. ...
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  • Divorce 101: Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes

    Posted By Moskowitz Law Group, LLC || 16-Jan-2017

    Divorces are always difficult and stressful. Here we discuss 3 common mistakes that we see those going through a divorce make. Let us handle the legal issues so you can manage your life, call (201) 419-6223 for a free case evaluation. 1: Trying to do it all! Life will continue during your divorce. You will still have to go work, manage your house and family, and take care of yourself. You must ...
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