If you are in a similar situation with no future, trust in Galit Moskowitz. She will restore your future!

- Daniel L.
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“I am a disabled veteran. After my divorce I was saddled with a life sentence of permanent alimony. I could save no money. I could not afford to own my home any longer. If it wasn’t for the VA I would have no health care. I could not afford to run my business any longer due to the fact that I had no place to work out of. I took a job in the south because the cost of living is less. The law garnished my pay. I was making 40 thousand dollars less a year than when I had my own company. This made no never mind to the courts. Pay up or get locked up. With my last dollars I came back to N J to fight. I was down to my last bit of savings. I took a shot with Galit. I put my life literately in her hands. If I didn’t get a change in this alimony order I had no way of ever having any future. I moved into my mother’s basement. Is this the best a 60 year old could do? A basement in my 90 year old mom’s house? Well Galit went to work. She knew who to see, she knew what to say and to whom to say it. Within less than one year not only did she get my alimony reduced she had it ELIMINATED!!!! I have a future!!! I can get my own place! I can start to live. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and its very bright! This woman saved my life.. At my age what could I do to make those payments? What would I do in the upcoming years? If you are in a similar situation with no future, trust in Galit. She will restore your future. If she could do it for me she could do it for you also. Galit gave me my future back after the laws of New Jersey deprived me.”

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