Signs of Domestic Violence in New Jersey

Domestic violence is an unfortunate reality for many in New Jersey. This type of violence is not limited to spouses or intimate partners. Other immediate family members like children, siblings, or parents could also face domestic violence. In some cases, a compassionate domestic violence attorney may be able to help.

Domestic abuse can take many forms. Because every case of abuse is unique, it can be difficult to spot evidence of violence under some circumstances. Being aware of the signs of domestic violence in New Jersey can help ensure that you know the steps to take in an abuse situation.

Noticing Signs of Fear

One of the most common signs of domestic violence is visible showings of fear. When a person is living with physical abuse from an immediate family member, they might seem fearful, nervous, or anxious around their abuser. Alternatively, children that suffer domestic abuse are often very well-behaved and often remain silent in most situations.

Family members that exhibit visible fear might not be willing to talk about their abuse. Even without an admission of abuse, victims might talk about their abuser having a temper or being difficult to please.

Physical Injuries from Abuse

Some of the most obvious signs of domestic abuse in NJ are visible physical injuries. In cases of severe abuse, victims will frequently have visible signs of injuries on different parts of their bodies. Some examples may include black eyes, bruises, wrist injuries, or pressure marks on their neck.

Unfortunately, many victims will actively attempt to conceal the signs of violence on their bodies. A common sign is a person wearing turtlenecks or long sleeves in hot weather to cover injuries on their neck or arms. Wearing thick makeup or sunglasses to cover a black eye is also common.

Some victims of domestic violence will have quick excuses for their injuries. These victims often play off injuries as accidental and frequently blame themselves for the injury.

Changes in Behavior

Abuse can cause a person to radically alter their behavior. Victims of domestic violence may become reserved or quiet. Often, this is a notable change from their usual personality.

These changes in behavior may go beyond seeming distant or reserved. Many victims pull away from their social circles by dropping out of groups or activities they typically enjoy. Canceling plans at the last minute or showing up late can also be a sign of abuse.

Emotional Signs of Domestic Abuse in New Jersey

Domestic abuse can leave more than physical scars. The emotional toll of domestic abuse can have a lasting impact on a person as well. Victims of domestic violence are frequently wracked with hopelessness, despair, or depression. The fear of being locked in a cycle of abuse for the rest of their life can be overwhelming for many victims. Some of the common emotional signs of abuse include:

  • Fearful attitude
  • Signs of depression
  • Talk of suicide
  • Unusual sleeping habits
  • Anxiety or apprehension
  • Low self-esteem

Speak with an Attorney about Signs of Domestic Violence in New Jersey

If you or a loved one are dealing with domestic violence, you have legal options for escaping the relationship. Securing a divorce could be the first step in protecting yourself and your children from the cycle of abuse.

Domestic violence accusations can lead to criminal charges and drastically affect child custody or child support cases. Schedule a private consultation today to discuss signs of domestic violence in New Jersey with a dedicated attorney.

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