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Divorces are complicated and legally intricate. When two people choose to end their marriage, they have to establish the terms of their separation. A marriage is a legal relationship. Likewise, a divorce is a legal process that will involve detailed agreements.

Going through a divorce is challenging, but you can reduce some of the stress by having a legal advocate by your side. A Hunterdon County divorce lawyer can work with you and advocate for agreements that meet your needs. Only a divorce lawyer in Hunterdon County has the skills and experience necessary to advise you of your legal rights and options.

Types of Child Custody

If a couple has children, they must create a parenting plan during the divorce process that outlines a visitation schedule and states who has the ability to make important decisions for the children. The courts break custody into two categories, physical and legal.

Physical custody decisions will determine where the children will live. In most cases, children spend time with both parents pursuant to a set schedule. One parent may have more time than the other, or the schedule might include a 50/50 division of parenting time.

Legal custody covers the critical choices that parents make about their children’s lives. When a parent is given legal custody, they have the authority to make major decisions regarding education, religion, and medical care. If parents cannot agree on important issues or a visitation schedule, a Hunterdon County divorce lawyer can advocate on a parent’s behalf to achieve a resolution that best suits their family’s needs.

Custody and Best Interests of the Child

The court prioritizes the child’s interests above those of the parents. This is called a “best interests analysis.” There are many factors that the court can consider when deciding these cases, including the parents’ relationships with the children, where the parents live, the parents’ ability to provide a stable environment, and other issues that could influence the children’s wellbeing.

Parents often do not agree about what is best for the children. In some cases, a court can appoint a guardian ad litem or legal representative for the children who could advocate for their best interests.

Custody cases are difficult for families. If parents can come up with a suitable agreement, they can save time and money and avoid costly litigation. A divorce attorney in Hunterdon County can work with the parties to settle the terms of custody.

Property and Support Payments

Financial considerations are another major issue that parties must resolve in a divorce case, and these discussions typically arise during the division of marital property. This process is called “equitable distribution. If an individual has non-marital property, such as an inheritance, premarital assets, or gifts, they will need to ensure that the court understands that those assets are theirs alone and are not part of the marital estate. i.e. not subject to equitable distribution.

New Jersey divides assets equitably, which does not necessarily mean an even distribution. The court will look at all of the couple’s property and attempt to reach an arrangement that addresses the needs of both parties.

In some cases, courts may also choose to award alimony to one of the spouses. Many cases will yield temporary support for a set period of time that will allow the receiving spouse to retain financial stability while they find a new way to support themselves. A Hunterdon County divorce attorney can explain the factors that may lead to alimony in a particular case.

Reach Out to a Hunterdon County Divorce Attorney to Take on Your Case

Custody decisions and financial agreements are essential aspects of divorce cases that can lead to complicated legal disputes. Anyone going through this major life event should have a knowledgeable advocate at their side who can fight for their best interests.

A Hunterdon County divorce lawyer can evaluate your case and work to develop a strong litigation strategy. Contact us to learn how to protect yourself throughout the divorce process and start building your case

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