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Family law attorneys help people work through their divorces, custody disputes and modifications, prenuptial agreements, and other legal matters arising out of domestic relationships. If you are struggling with these concerns, you know that the legal aspect is just one of the factors involved. Family law cases are also highly emotional and stressful, and they can be difficult to go through without a skilled professional at your side.

Fortunately, you do not have to face any of these disputes alone. A Hunterdon County family lawyer can examine the facts of your situation and help you develop a the best possible case to achieve your legal goals.

Divorces in Hunterdon County

Divorces mark the end of a legally recognized marriage. During the process of a divorce, the parties must negotiate certain terms regarding their assets, finances, and custody of minor children. If the parties cannot reach agreements on any critical questions, they will have to litigate their case, and a judge will enter a ruling.

Before any divorce settlement is finalized, the parties must agree on how to divide any marital assets, decide whether either spouse will pay alimony, and create a parenting plan. Divorcing spouses may have very different views on each of those matters, which could lead to conflict that a Hunterdon County family attorney can attempt to resolve.

Custody and Child Support

In custody cases, the court’s primary concern is creating a parenting situation that serves the best interests of the couple’s children. The parenting plan will also impact the amount of child support a parent will pay. When making custody and support decisions, courts evaluate the children’s relationships with their parents, their communities, the children’s needs, and the parents’ ability to financially provide and agree on important matters concerning the children.

A parent seeking custody will likely have to argue why their proposed plan will benefit the children. A Hunterdon County lawyer with experience arguing these cases could offer valuable advice in this situation.

Relocations and Modifications

When a parenting plan is in place, a custodial parent cannot simply move out of state with the minor children. The law contains legal notification and permission requirements, and the court can deny the parent’s right to leave the state if it believes the move will not be in the children’s best interests. Even parents with compelling reasons to relocate could find challenges when the prospective move will impact the other parent’s time with the child. If the non-relocating parent does not agree to the move, it will take a Court Order for the relocating parent to relocate with the child.

Deciding to move can also lead to a modification of the parenting plan. Courts prefer not to change these agreements because children need a stable environment. A parent looking to make alter a custody agrteement will have to illustrate a clear and substantial change in circumstances and demonstrate that their proposed alterations benefit the children.

Premarital and Postmarital Agreements

Premarital agreements (also known as prenuptial agreements) can prevent the involved parties from spending significant time and money on litigation if their marriage eventually ends. These agreements must be fair, and the parties need to fully disclose financial information to one another when they sign the documents. They must each also be represented by independent counsel.

A business owner may also use a prenuptial agreement to protect their business from becoming marital property and suffering in the event of a divorce. A family law attorney in Hunterdon County can help couples draft these agreements and understand how they may provide benefits down the road.

Do Not Hesitate to Consult a Hunterdon County Family Law Attorney

If you are looking to resolve a family law matter, you likely have questions about your legal rights and options. While you may be able to work through some disputes on your own, you should never sign any agreement without ensuring that you fully understand all of the terms. Hiring a Hunterdon County family lawyer could give you peace of mind throughout the legal process and can help you attempt to obtain your desired outcome. Schedule a consultation today.

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