Role of a Divorce Lawyer in Fort Lee

Some people believe representing themselves in their divorce will be less expensive than hiring an attorney. However, this decision can ultimately lead to greater costs in terms of time and money. Understanding your rights can be near impossible without legal help, often leading people to make less-than-optimal decisions in their divorce.

The role of a divorce lawyer in Fort Lee is to explain the complexities of family law, represent a spouse’s best interests, and help overcome challenges that could lead to delays or unfair settlements. A skilled divorce attorney can ensure you understand the ramifications of legal decisions and how they will govern your post-divorce life.

An Attorney’s Role in a Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

Spouses in New Jersey have the option to pursue a contested or uncontested divorce. A skilled divorce attorney can play a critical role in both types of proceedings and can even help Fort Lee spouses decide which type best suits their needs. As uncontested divorce cases do not involve litigation, the primary job of a divorce lawyer is to act as a legal advisor to their client, providing recommendations and guidance on the legal implications of their decisions as they work toward an agreement, and advocate for their client’s positions while interacting with opposing counsel and any mediators that may be involved in the case.

Contested divorce is best for spouses who are not on the same page with issues in their divorce in any aspect, such as property distribution and child custody. Contested divorces are much more active cases involving additional legal processes required by the Court. For example, contested divorces involve a formal discovery process, where both parties must collect and provide all relevant information and documents and possibly participate in depositions. In litigation, both spouses present their arguments to a court and allow a judge to make the final decision on the terms of the divorce after a trial. A divorce attorney serves as a spouse’s legal representation during this trial, making sure their client’s interests are presented clearly and compellingly before the judge. Importantly, however, when appropriate, the divorce attorney will still attempt to settle the case to try and avoid the time, expenses, and uncertainty of a trial.

What To Look for in a Divorce Lawyer

Given the substantial role that a Fort Lee divorce attorney can play, separating spouses should make sure to do their research and retain legal representation they trust to represent their best interests. First, spouses should look for a a law firm and attorney that specializes in family law and has extensive experience successfully handling divorce cases. Certain law firms only practice family law as part of a broader practice and do not specialize in family law. These law firms can put a client at a disadvantage because their experience in family law can be more limited than firms and attorneys that dedicate their entire practice exclusively to this area.

When pursuing a contested divorce, it is also important to find a divorce attorney who has experience litigating and managing the trial process. Seasoned family law attorneys may be familiar with local judges and understand how to manage the different personalities involved in a divorce case.

Divorces are sensitive matters, so it is also important to consider the character of legal representation. Spouses should retain a divorce attorney they feel comfortable discussing their concerns with. While strong public speaking skills are important, spouses should also look for a family law attorney who is a good listener and attentive to their concerns. A divorce lawyer’s role is to provide honest guidance and advice, and the client should still feel as though they have control over final decisions throughout legal proceedings.

Call a Fort Lee Divorce Attorney Whose Role is To Support You

The specific role of a divorce lawyer in Fort Lee depends on the needs of your case, including whether you decide to pursue a contested or uncontested divorce. Fortunately, at Moskowitz Law Group, we have a team of family law attorneys with years of experience handling divorce cases like yours. We specialize in and dedicate our entire practice to family law. A member of our legal team is available to provide the support you need. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation.

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