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Divorce can be a stressful process for everyone involved. The dissolution of a marriage can become even more complicated when ex-spouses are unable to compromise on certain issues. When parties cannot agree on the terms of a divorce, the case will go to trial, and a judge will make a final determination on the issues. This is known as a contested divorce.

It is essential to have a knowledgeable divorce attorney by your side during litigation to ensure that your best interests are represented. A Fort Lee contested divorce lawyer can work with you to reach a fair solution in your separation, advocating on your behalf to the court. Call today to get started.

Taking a Divorce to Trial

There are a number of reasons why parties might choose to take a divorce to court. Common issues of contention that lead to a litigated divorce include:

When parties choose to go to trial for their divorce, this can have a number of effects on their family. Litigating a divorce can be expensive and time-consuming, making it harder to get closure. Many parties avoid contested divorce because they do not want to put their futures in the hands of a judge. Courts also tend to favor uncontested divorces and will often push parties to meet with a mediator and go through other dispute resolution processes to settle issues like child support and parenting time. An experienced contested divorce attorney can help parties in Fort Lee determine if a contested divorce is the right choice for them.

Protecting the Best Interests of Children in a Litigated Divorce

Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested, the court is always concerned first and foremost with the best interests of children. Regardless of what each parent wants or what their positions are, the judge will make a determination as to what they believe is best for the kids.

Sometimes in a contested divorce where there is a lot of hostility and the parties cannot agree upon a custody and parenting time arrangement, the court will appoint a guardian ad litem for the children. This individual’s job is to report to the court what they believe the best situation for the children is.

Other times, if there are conflicting accounts and stories from the divorcing parties, a court will appoint a child custody evaluator to gather information to make the best decision for the children. A Fort Lee contested divorce attorney can work with parents to ensure that their children are prioritized during litigation proceedings.

How Assets are Protected in a Contested Divorce

Parties are expected to maintain the status quo during the divorce proceedings. However, if one of the parties is not acting in good faith, begins to liquidate assets, or does other things to diminish the value to the detriment of the other, then an application can be filed with the court to deny that party access to that asset. This could involve freezing bank accounts so that money cannot be released to anyone.

The court can also put measures into place where both parties’ signatures are required for the distribution of certain assets. If an individual is worried that this might be an issue in their divorce, they should discuss the situation with their attorney so that it can be brought to the court’s attention.

Meet with a Fort Lee Contested Divorce Attorney

Going to trial can be stressful, especially when your family’s future is at stake. It is essential to work with an attorney who can diffuse tense situations and focus on the important issues at hand. Our attorneys at Moskowitz Law Group can help you through the litigated divorce process, ensuring that your best interests and those of your children are protected.

If you are dealing with a person who is unwilling to compromise on the issues of your separation, reach out to a Fort Lee contested divorce attorney. A dedicated member of our team can help you through this process and pursue an optimal outcome on your behalf.

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