Essex County Parental Alienation Lawyer

Essex County Parental Alienation Lawyer

Divorce can be exceptionally difficult for children to come to terms with. While this process may be much easier for children if both parents are on amicable terms, not every parent has a cordial relationship with their former spouse. In fact, during particularly contentious divorces, it is not unheard of for one parent to deliberately try to ruin their child’s relationship with their other parent.

In situations like this, seeking a seasoned child custody attorney’s help can be vital in protecting your own interests, your child, and your entire family. If you suspect your former spouse is trying to drive you and your child apart, speaking with an Essex County parental alienation lawyer about your legal options should be a priority. Do not leave your relationship with your child up to chance. Call Moskowitz Law Group today to get started.

What Counts as Parental Alienation?

Getting divorced is an inherently stressful procedure that can create significant tension between all parties involved. Sometimes, parents end up expressing that tension in unhealthy ways in front of their children despite their best efforts not to. It is important to note that there is a vast difference between parents who inadvertently damage their child’s relationship with their other parent, and those who do so intentionally and maliciously.

Specific alienating behavior can include slanderous comments about the other parent to their child, undermining the other parent’s discipline over the child, getting the child to favor them over the other parent with gifts, encouraging the child to skip visitation time with their other parent and making it optional for the child. In extreme situations, an estranged parent may deny the other parent custody or visitation time altogether, even if it violates a court order.

An Essex County family law attorney can review what might qualify as legally actionable parental alienation and what strategies can effectively address it during a private consultation. Legal counsel can also discuss possible signs of separation, such as a child unexpectedly distancing themselves from their parent, rebelling against them, or accusing them of things they have never done.

Addressing Parental Alienation In and Out of Court

As mentioned above, parental alienation is not always intentional, and immediately seeking legal action in this kind of situation can sometimes cause more harm than good. If circumstances indicate that a child’s other parent is passively separating as opposed to actively, it may be possible to resolve the matter through private mediation or family therapy.

If someone intentionally distances a child from their other parent, more severe measures may be necessary. Depending on the circumstances, this can mean filing a motion in court for a modification of existing custody or visitation orders, or to enforce the custody order or agreement for the alienating parent to be held in contempt of court.

Possible court remedies in a situation like this can include:

  • Compensatory parenting time, possibly including a change in who is considered the primary residential parent
  • Changes in how visitation and/or custody switches occur
  • Mandatory counseling or parenting classes
  • Reimbursement for counseling, attorney’s fees, and/or court costs
  • Community service
  • An arrest warrant, in extreme circumstances

An Essex County family law attorney can provide more specific guidance about what repercussions this behavior might have in a particular parental alienation case.

Contact an Essex County Parental Alienation Attorney for Help

Any parent who deliberately seeks to destroy their child’s relationship with their other parent can cause profound emotional harm to all parties involved. While resolving a situation of this nature can be deeply sensitive and legally challenging, doing so is vital to ensure your child has the quality of life they deserve.

An Essex County child alienation lawyer can provide crucial guidance from start to finish of your legal or out-of-court proceedings. Learn more by calling Moskowitz Law Group today.

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