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Child support is a legal obligation and not an option when the court has issued orders. Failing to pay child support could lead to many negative consequences such as wage garnishment, loss of professional licensure, or being prohibited from getting a passport. A parent who is not receiving child support they are owed does not need to suffer and they have legal options to get the support they need.

If you have stopped receiving child support or have received less than the court-ordered amount, consider working with an Essex County child support enforcement lawyer today. With help from a local family law attorney, you may be able to force the delinquent parent to uphold their responsibilities. The family law courts in this take child support enforcement very seriously and have many ways to deal with child support arrearages.

Enforcing Child Support

There are two basic ways that a parent can fight for a child support order to be enforced:

Office of Child Support Services

A parent could contact the Office of Child Support Services (OCSS) or visit one of its many branch locations. The OCSS is part of the Department of Human Services and is charged with enforcing both state and federal laws concerning child support. Locating absent parents, collecting and distributing support payments, record-keeping, and enforcing child support obligations are just some of the vital functions of the OCSS.

Family Law Court

Parents may also seek enforced child support by hiring a family law attorney in Essex County to petition a court to hold a child support enforcement hearing. Both parents will receive notice of the day and time that this hearing will take place. At court, a judge will hear evidence provided by the parties and render a decision as to whether the paying parent’s child support obligations need to be enforced.

Like the OCSS, family law courts are empowered to use many different types of child support enforcement mechanisms, such as:

Withholding Income

For a child support order that was established or changed after November 1, 1990, payments are taken out of paychecks automatically. For orders prior to that date, income may be withheld but only if child support is 14 days or two payments overdue.

Credit Reporting

A court has the discretion to report a past-due child support obligation of $1,000 or more to the consumer credit agencies.

Lottery Prize Intercept

A parent who has been ordered to pay child support can have past due payments deducted from lottery winnings of $600 or more.


In some situations, a judge may decide that it is necessary to issue a warrant authorizing a county sheriff’s office to arrest a parent. An arrest warrant can could be issued when a parent misses a mandatory court appearance or habitually does not abide by a child support order. A parent who faces the possibility of arrest may want to hire an Essex County family law attorney to represent them.

Contact an Essex County Child Support Enforcement Attorney for More Information

Child support is the right of the child and must be paid by the parent who has orders to do so. While it may be frustrating to stop receiving the correct amount of child support owed to you, you have options for enforcing payment. Contact an Essex County child support enforcement lawyer today for more information on how to pursue the money your child is owed.

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