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There are many cases where spouses go through a divorce, and one spouse who was not the breadwinner during the duration of the marriage struggles to find gainful employment to meet their financial requirements. In these situations, the other spouse who has sufficient income may be required to make alimony payments to the other for an indefinite period of time until they are able to provide for themselves. Learn more about whether alimony may be required in your divorce by calling Moskowitz Law Group, LLC. We can review your case and explore your options with you.

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If you believe you are entitled to collect these alimony payments, then it is important for you to know that you may take legal action if you are not receiving them. If you are required to make alimony payments, but believe that your ex-spouse is cheating the system by remaining unemployed, or deliberately denying a promotion to continue to collect payments from you, then you may take legal action to correct the situation. Our Hackensack divorce attorneys are prepared to help you protect what is rightfully yours.

Actions that could be considered cheating the alimony system may include:

  • Remaining part-time employed
  • Denying a promotion with larger pay
  • Failing to seek employment
  • Denying a job offer

If you are not receiving the alimony payments you deserve, or if you believe that you are being taken advantage of, then do not hesitate to seek the representation of a Bergen County divorce attorney from Moskowitz Law Group, LLC. Our firm understands the severity of your case, and you can be sure that we will work to ensure that your rights are upheld, and that you are able to pursue the future that you need.

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