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How to Choose the Right Divorce Attorney in New Jersey

Moskowitz Law Group was established with one goal in mind: to achieve the best results for you regardingcustody arrangements, finances, and emotional wellbeing. We always proceed in a manner that promotes healthy relationships with your children. Selecting the right attorney for you is crucial to your well-being and the final outcome. Doing the research is essential because, in a stressful situation it’s reassuring to have attorneys you can trust on your side.

For a Hackensack divorce lawyer you can trust, turn to Moskowitz Law Group, LLC. Choosing the right attorney is key to changing your life for the better.

However, finding the right lawyer is not an easy task if you are not sure what to look for in an attorney. To help you with your search, we’ve created this guide that reflects our core company values. Look for an attorney with the following qualities:

Experience and Passion for Helping Clients Navigate the Law

The amount of years of divorce and family law experience an attorney has is significant. Divorce law is complex and ever-changing. We believe that experience, combined with a passion for the law and dedication to clients is the key to successful representation. The most successful leaders and influencers will tell you that their success is a result of their excitement for what they do. An attorney who is experienced and passionate has the desire to go the extra mile to obtain the best results.

Dedicated to Divorce and Family Law

Family law and divorce is a complex area of practice. A law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of divorce and family law provides its clients with the full array of legal services needed to resolve matrimonial and family law issues. It’s the clear choice to assist you through this difficult time. Compare it to selecting a medical specialist: go to the doctor with the most experience in your specific area of need. Choosing the right attorney, just like choosing the right doctor, is critical to success.

Look for a Skilled Negotiator who is Familiar with the Local Court

You should look for an attorney who is a talented negotiator and litigator and knows when to use each, specifically in highly contested cases. Ask to meet your attorney in your local court and observe their performance and how well they fight for their client’s rights. Watch the attorney’s interactions with the judges, clerks, client, and opposing party. An attorney who knows how to be effective with all everyone involved in the case can make all the difference.

Solo Attorney vs. Larger Firms

There are excellent attorneys at all types of firms. If you choose a solo attorney, verify that they have extensive experience in divorce and family law and understand how to efficiently run a practice so that they can give your case the attention and resources it deserves. Using a larger firm offers you the advantages of having multiple attorneys strategize your case. When people have a complex medical issue, they opt for an expert doctor who has a network of peers to consult with. This is the exact advantage a larger firm offers. However, if you choose a larger firm, confirm that the attorney you will use has the experience and supervision necessary to achieve the best result for you.

Make sure that you meet the actual attorney who will handle your case and do your due diligence on them. It is important that you receive the attention and case management you deserve. Also, look for a firm that says "no" to new cases when they cannot handle the load. Your chosen attorney needs to have time to plan, strategize and communicate with you to achieve the best possible result.

An Aggressive Attorney Who Knows When to Be Cooperative

Your attorney should start every divorce proceeding with the expectation that your soon-to-be ex and his/her attorney will be agreeable. If they are reasonable, the process will take less time and will be less costly, both financially and emotionally. Look for a firm that will walk you through a cost-benefit analysis, recommending what is worth fighting for and what is not. Should a hard-line position be necessary, make sure that your attorney is capable of being aggressive as you may need this skill for a highly contested divorce.

We are a divorce and family law firm that truly cares about the emotional and financial well-being of our clients. Get in touch with us today to discuss your legal options and a personalized legal strategy that best fits your needs.

Don't be tempted to choose the cheaper attorney, as this may become more costly in the long run.

A reputable attorney will provide a realistic retainer cost to handle your case. The retainer is your money held by the attorney to cover future billing. Most attorneys will refund unused funds; make sure your attorney will. Some attorneys might quote you a smaller amount of retainer, but then quickly ask for additional funds. Quality legal representation is always the best value. You are trusting your attorney with everything you have; they should protect you with everything they have.

Look for a firm that knows the law, can efficiently navigate the system, is able to present a case effectively to the various courts and focuses on achieving your goal and vision for your life after the divorce. To use the medical example again, would you choose the least inexpensive doctor to do your knee replacement surgery? Like knee surgery, divorce is best done correctly the first time.

Beware of lawyers who promise everything, including a guarantee of completely successful resolution.

Think very carefully before you hire an attorney that promises or guarantees to deliver total success. They might tell you what you want to hear, but no one can know what the outcome will be. In fact, at the consultation stage, an attorney doesn’t know all the details and facts or how the other party will react. Look for a straightforward attorney who will be honest with you but has the skills to develop the right strategic approach to achieve the highest percentage of your goals.

Find an attorney with whom you have a good rapport, and who is an effective communicator.

Look for an attorney that you feel comfortable with and with whom you have chemistry. Choose one that will listen and understand you and your goals. Select the lawyer who is objective, who listens to your concerns and who can provide the best advice to guide you towards a successful conclusion. Professionals will consult with you at each step and will explain the pros and cons of each strategy as your case develops. Find an attorney who will respect you and your opinion without ego issues. Additionally, your attorney should respect your wishes, act professionally and communicate effectively and promptly. A great lawyer is a great listener.

Read all online reviews and ask for testimonials.

Always perform your due diligence; be prepared to do a comprehensive assessment of your candidates. Ask friends and family for recommendations. Go to their websites and read testimonials. Check reviews on Google, AVVO and other review sites to get the best possible feel for the attorney.

Billing Practices

Ensure that your attorney will provide you a detailed explanation of each line item in the bill. You don’t want to see one or two words for a one-hour charge. A detail-oriented attorney will provide a full explanation of what was done in your matter. This will also provide a written reminder for you to understand what was done with your funds and how the case was handled.

Business Owners, Real Estate Investors & High Net Worth Divorce

If you own a business, invest in real estate or have a high net worth, it is essential to select a divorce attorney that fully understands the complexities of these cases, as there are millions of dollars at stake. The attorney will need to the right team of experts to support them including a forensic accountant, private investigators, realtors, business evaluators, financial advisors, psychologists, and more. You will be wise to ask how experienced they are in these types of divorces and the case sizes they have handled. For example, if your business is not evaluated by a business evaluator, with the right expertise, you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars or more!

The divorce attorneys at Moskowitz Law Group, LLC have 50+ years of combined experience guiding individuals through the difficult divorce process. We have helped hundreds of families achieve their desired results, and aim to eliminate as much stress as possible during this time. Contact us today!

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