Three Ways To Change A Parenting Plan As Kids Get Older: What Types Of Activities Are Appropriate

When a couple gets divorced the Court puts certain guidelines in place for things like property distribution, division of debt, child custody, and visitation for a non-custodial parent. If your children are younger when you split, your parenting plan has to change as your kids get older. The types of activities, and the rules and boundaries both parents put in place need to be reviewed as circumstances warrant. And, it is essential that both parents agree on issues of health and safety, and the appropriate consequences for breaking the rules. As we all know, teens and even pre-teens, like to test their parents. Destructive behavior must be dealt with by presenting a united front, and by taking corrective action.

One of the most important areas of concern for an older child is setting a curfew. The time by which your child must be home should not vary from one parent to the other. Parents should also take care to make certain the time set fits the circumstances. A child of 16 or 17 should have more responsibility than a child of 13 or 14. The time you decide your kids need to be home should fit the situation as well, and take into account whether adult chaperones are present at events. This is a topic to discuss fully with your kids, and one on which even divorced parents must agree. Curfew is just one way your parenting plan changes as your kids get older, the types of activities your kids participate in will also change.

School dances and going to the movies with friends is another hot issue for parents to tackle as their kids grow and illustrates a second way in which you must alter your parenting plan with your ex as you children get older. When the parents are divorced, scheduled visits may need to be flexible to allow for your kids to take part in these activities. A third thing to consider when spending time with your children is the type of activity you plan as a family. Younger kids can be easier to plan visitation with, because a trip to the zoo or pizza parlor are relatively straightforward activities to plan. As kids get older though, their interests change and it can become more difficult to find things to do that keep their attention. The key is to talk it over with your kids, and value their input. When you allow your children to take part in deciding how to spend their time with you, your visits will be more memorable. You don’t have to do extravagant things, sometimes the little things are the most cherished.

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