Is it Still Considered Parenting Time if It’s Through Skype?

As with most things, the way we parent, communicate, and spend time with our children has changed tremendously over the years. Parenting is much different in the digital age, and as a result family law has been forced to adapt and change accordingly. When it comes to views on whether or not digital communication is considered parenting time, the law generally takes the stance that – whether in person or through a computer screen – parenting time is parenting time.

“Virtual visitation,” as it is sometimes called, allows a parent to contact his or her child via computer, tablet, or some other medium utilizing such applications as Skype, Facetime, or some other video conferencing software. This concept is directly applicable to many cases where a noncustodial parent happens to be out of state or out of the country. In fact, this technology is utilized often for many military families to great effect. Why not use it to incorporate parenting time and visitation for divorce cases?

Regardless of distance or other circumstances, parents have the right and the ability to manage parenting time through digital communication, if necessary or desired. Much of the time, custody orders will require that virtual visitation occur during “reasonable” hours to ensure the best interests of a child.

Certain states actually have specific language within their divorce statutes allowing virtual visitation – Utah, Wisconsin, Texas, and North Carolina. This, however, doesn’t mean other states without the language prohibit it, and it certainly doesn’t mean a court wouldn’t allow it. Often, courts will approve it as valid visitation between parent and child.

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