Special Concerns For Your Kids When Relocating Out Of The Country

It can be hard enough to coordinate your custody and visitation schedule with your ex when you live across town, even harder if you or your ex-spouse move out of state; but there are special concerns for your kids when one parent relocates out of the country. It is much more difficult to plan quick visits when an ocean separates the parents, and if an emergency arises it is nearly impossible to be present on a moment’s notice. So, before you decide to take that dream job in Paris, give careful consideration to how your kids’ lives’ will be impacted. If you and your ex are on friendly terms, working out the details will be a much easier task. But, if your relationship is strained, you may be in for a long battle. In either case you will need to file a motion to modify the current custody and visitation arrangement, and this can take time. Getting an early start will help ensure results are reached in time for your move.

Once you have either made an agreement, or presented your case to the Court, the next step is to actually make the move. Planning extended visits will help keep your kids connected to both parents, and will give a stateside parent the time they deserve with their children. Technological advances, like Skype, can come in handy when your kids want to have face time with their out of the country parent. But, in the midst of these positive things, beware of the potential for international legal woes.

Protecting Your Rights as a Parent

It is not uncommon for a parent to make an overseas move, and for the parent left behind to go long periods of time without seeing their kids; if at all. The danger of an out of the country abduction by a parent is very real, which is why you must make certain any move is legitimate and handled properly within your divorce case. We can help you to protect your rights as a parent, regardless of whether you are the one seeking to move or the one staying in the states. With an international move, extra precautions must be put in place to avoid a tug of war between the parents, and we can help make sure your plan works!

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