Signs of Domestic Abuse Against Men

There is a common misconception that domestic abuse cannot happen to men. This is absolutely not the case, and unfortunately, these cases often fly under the radar because of the stigma surrounding abuse. It is crucial to know what to look for if you believe that someone you love may be involved in an abusive relationship. Read on to learn about the signs of domestic abuse against men and reach out to a domestic violence attorney immediately to learn about legal options in these cases.

Verbal Abuse Such as Name Calling or Insults

As one of the first signs and stages of abuse, an abusive partner may call the other insulting names or lash out and degrade them for a simple mistake. This form of emotional abuse puts down the other person and makes them feel poorly about themselves. The abuser will often make the other feel as if no one else would love them, and they have no choice but to remain in the relationship. This kind of abuse is not just your average fight; it is constant verbal attacks meant to control and demean the other person.

Being Controlling

One of the harder to notice forms of abuse is when one partner controls the social life of the other. The abuser may make it difficult for their partner to spend time with friends and family. This social isolation is another form of emotional abuse and makes it easier for the abuser to control other aspects of their life as well. This can take other forms as well, such as demanding the password to a phone or social media accounts. This control makes it harder for the victim to seek help or leave the relationship. Anyone that notices this behavior in their partner or the partner of a loved one should speak up immediately.

Physical Abuse

Although many people believe otherwise, men can be victims of physical abuse. Physical abuse can take the form of hitting, kicking, threatening, or anything else that causes physical harm or pain. Physical violence is often exacerbated by the use of drugs and alcohol and mental illness. A man that is suffering physical abuse may try to cover up the evidence with heavy clothes, hats, sunglasses, or other attire that is unusual for the situation.

If You Notice Signs of Domestic Abuse, Take Action

If you or a loved one has been a victim of domestic violence, no matter your gender, know that there is help out there for you. Do not feel guilty or ashamed of seeking help. As soon as you are able, you should contact law enforcement as well as a compassionate domestic violence attorney to get help and explore your legal options.

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