How To Modify Child Support

When a couple with children gets divorced, important issues such as child custody, child support, and visitation are determined. The final decisions are memorialized in the divorce decree, and that document acts as a blueprint for the parties. The decree sets forth the rights and obligations of each party to the case and must be followed as written. That is not to say the terms cannot be changed at a later date, if needed. To make a change though, you must go back to Court and ask the Judge to approve your request.

To obtain a change in child support, you have to show a change in circumstances. Some of the factors included in changed circumstances include:

  • An increase or decrease in salary.
  • A special need for the child has arisen, such as a medical condition or disability arising after the original order for support was entered.
  • The responsible party’s living conditions change, either by loss of home or by cohabitation with another adult.

The Child Support Modification Process

Either party may request a modification of the child support order. When doing so, it is necessary to show the changed circumstances and that those changes are permanent rather than temporary. Proof of the changes, such as pay stubs or other documentation showing the new situation, will be required. The Court will then consider the evidence, and what is best for the child, and make a determination. If a modification is granted, a new order regarding the change will be entered and the parties will then be bound by that new order. If you need to modify an existing child support order, partner with an experienced family law attorney to ensure your case is presented in a light most favorable to the needs of you and your children.

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