Holiday Schedule in Sharing Child Custody

Creating a schedule that involves moving a child back and forth is hard enough for families with separated parents. When it comes to the holiday season, this task may become even more complicated as both parents and their families may want to spend these special days with their child. Having a schedule that is already prepared before the holiday season approaches can create an understanding between both parents and children that eliminates later conflict. When discussing holiday custody schedules, it may be beneficial to consult an attorney for mediation or to ensure that your interests are represented.

Common Holiday Schedules

The first most common holiday schedule is to alternate who the child spends the holidays with each year. With this schedule, parents won’t go more than one holiday in a row without their child. This schedule can work well for separated parents who are long-distance because the child won’t spend their whole vacation traveling.

Another type of schedule involves splitting the holidays in half so that your child will spend part of the day with each parent. This method requires a great deal of planning, communication, and often compromise from both parents. If the parents are not on good speaking terms, this method may not be possible.

The third common method is to have the child celebrate the holiday twice, one with each parent. This may be difficult if the child has a limited amount of time off from school. There may also be disagreement over who will have custody of the children on the official holiday date.

The final most common method is dividing up all the holidays of the year and taking a fair share of holidays to celebrate with the child for each parent. These same principles of sharing could also apply to birthdays as well as holidays. The family’s faith life may also impact the custody and visitation schedule.

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