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Do Unmarried Fathers Have Custody Rights?

In New Jersey, it is important to understand that unmarried parents possess the same custody rights as married parents do. However, there are certain obstacles which may arise for parents who are seeking those rights, especially unmarried fathers.

Establishing Paternity

An unmarried father does not have any parental rights to a child until he establishes paternity. This can be accomplished by both parents agreeing on the identity of the father, while the father voluntarily accepts his rights and responsibilities as well. However, if there is a question as to who the father might be or if one parent disputes a father’s claim, a court-ordered DNA test may be required to establish proper paternity.

On the other hand, if paternity has been established, then unmarried fathers have the same child custody rights to their children as those which are granted to divorcing parents. This means that parents may seek either joint or sole custody of a child. Additionally, parental relocation and interstate custody laws apply, especially if one parent plans to move out of New Jersey.

How Our Bergen County Family Law Attorney Can Help

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