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Advice For Divorcing Seniors

Ending a marriage is not something reserved for a certain age group. While it is more likely that a younger couple who has been married a shorter amount of time will divorce vs. a couple who just celebrated their silver anniversary, it does happen. And, with more people waiting longer to tie the knot, the chances that a couple is older are high. The instance of senior citizens filing for divorce is being referred to as the “gray divorce”, and there are some special considerations to take into account in these cases.

Some issues that arise in gray divorce cases include the need to make sure retirement accounts are protected and that health needs are met. With more senior citizens deciding to delay retiring, in order to meet their financial needs, the likelihood that a divorce at an older age may result in dependence on adult children is significant. Finding ways to avoid these consequences is important, and can give a senior citizen facing divorce a much needed boost in confidence. On the other hand, not all senior citizens going through a divorce will need financial support from their soon to be ex. This may be due to an increase in women in the workplace, who now earn as much if not more than their husbands. Financial independence can provide the stepping stone needed to seek a divorce at an older age.

If money is not an issue in a gray divorce case, the only remaining issue is usually division of property. There are typically no decisions to make about the kids, because the children of a gray divorce are adults. Our goal is to focus on the issues that do matter, and provide you with options for satisfactory results.

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