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Civil Harassment Order Vs. Temporary Restraining Order

Most people have heard of temporary restraining orders. When it comes to domestic violence related matters, this is one of the most common legal documents used to protect victims or alleged victims. Similarly, civil harassment orders exist. However, many people do not understand the differences between temporary restraining orders and civil harassment orders.

Although the differences are subtle, they do exist. As many know, a temporary restraining order is a document a person can file with the court to ensure that an individual does not threaten the person with violence or commit acts of violence on the person. These types of restraining orders can be filed against the following types of persons:

  • Father / Mother
  • Daughter / Son
  • Husband / Wife
  • Uncle / Aunt
  • Domestic Partner
  • Boyfriend / Girlfriend

The court enforces these types of restraining orders. As a result, if the person in question comes within any distance of the person, as dictated by the order, the police can arrest the individual for violating the order, even if that person does not harm the person with the order in any way. This is because a temporary restraining order is designed to protect the person who filed the order.

Similarly, a "civil harassment order" accomplishes the same thing. However, these types of restraining orders are used against people who are not related to the person filing. With these types of orders, no family relationships exist, and there is no distinction that would connect the person to the other except for the fact that the person is harassing the other individual with threats or acts of violence.

While the two restraining orders are different, the protocols to obtain such orders are the same. Both restraining orders must be filed with the court after paying a fee. Once the judge passes the order, law enforcement officers can look up the order.

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