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Who is Allowed at the Birth of Your Child?

The birth of a child is one of life’s greatest joys, but can also be a time of stress for many people. If the parents are unmarried, in the middle of a heated family law matter, or the mother simply does not want the father around; complicated legal issues can arise. It may seem common sense that a father is allowed to be present at his own child’s birth, but the issue is not that straightforward.

Is an Unwed Father Allowed in the Birthing Room?

In New Jersey, there is legal precedent for the mother to disallow the birth father to be in the actual birthing room when the baby arrives. While there are more than just these two persons allowed to be present, the law gives the mom the right to deny the father access but to permit others such as her mother or father to be in the room. The case law on this topic seems contrary to fair play, and there are groups that advocate for father’s rights that claim this rule is discriminatory. If this is in fact discrimination, why is a rule like this one even on the books?

To understand why this law exists, one need only look at the rationale behind the ruling. The Court agreed that a father’s involvement in his child’s life is vital, but that until the child is actually born the main focus is on the health and welfare of the mother. So, in cases where the parties are at odds, it is possible for a birth mom to keep a birth dad out of the delivery room. The game changes though once the baby takes his or her first breath. After the birth, the focus shifts to the child and what is in the best interests of the newborn baby.

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