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Ending The Domestic Abuse Cycle

We take issues of domestic violence seriously, and work hard to keep you and your family safe. In most instances where domestic violence arises, quick action is necessary. Often times circumstances of abuse are not only physical, but also emotional. Healing from these incidents requires time, and the help of a trained professional. Most times, part of the recovery plan is to learn how to break the cycle and get out of an abusive relationship. We help people by providing the information needed to make an informed and well thought out decision.

To help you make the determination as to whether you are a victim of domestic violence, take a look at the specific facts of your circumstances. For instance, have you been the target of physical attacks or threats of a physical attack? What about being made to feel in constant fear of an attack, or an unlawful entry to your home or workplace? If so, you are likely suffering from emotional and possibly physical abuse for which you can and should take action.

Aside from seeking the assistance of the courts there are things you can do on your own to protect yourself. You can change the locks on your home or apartment, and alert security personnel to possible threats. In cases involving kids, you can talk with teachers and school administration to alert them of likely attempts to use your children as pawns, or that threats may be made against your kids while at school or an extracurricular activity. If you are able to make plans to leave, do so. If not, seek the assistance of a trained professional to ensure your safety.

For more information on domestic violence, call an experienced family law attorney for answers to your questions.

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