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Handling Out Of State Visitation Schedules

In a mobile society it is not uncommon for divorcing couples to live in different states. This can make sticking to a regular visitation schedule difficult, especially if the geographic distance between parents is great. As kids get older there will be events and activities that take place on a scheduled visitation day, and this makes it hard to get the kids across state lines without disrupting their schedule.

Even though it is hard to maintain a set schedule when the parents don't live near each other, there are ways for the kids to have meaningful time with each parent. One way is to look for breaks in the school schedule that allows for more than a three day weekend with an out of state parent, such as fall or spring break. Another option is to share longer periods of time without other obligations equally, such as by giving one parent ½ of the summer or ½ of the holiday vacation. A key component to making these types of arrangements work is to be willing to help get your kids to your ex's if need be. This might include agreeing to meet ½ way, or putting your child on a plane for a visit.

We realize the costs of transportation can be a factor, so it is imperative address these expenses in your decree. Having a clear cut plan for each party's responsibilities helps to give a clear cut plan for how out of state visitation will work. Remember that what seems fair to the parents might not necessarily be in the best interests of the children. If your ex is seeking to implement a plan only for the sake of their own convenience, take a stand and fight for what is right for your kids. The Courts will listen, and we will help you by presenting your evidence with persuasion. We have experience helping people figure out custody and visitation issues and are here to help you too.

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