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How To Answer Your Kids Questions About Divorce

From the time a child learns to talk, there seems to be an endless supply of questions. "Why is the sky blue", "can I have a puppy", and "where do babies come from" may seem tame in comparison to "why doesn't daddy live at home anymore?" Therapists and counselors agree the best way to answer your kid's questions about divorce is with honesty. This can be difficult though, depending on the age and maturity level of your children.

Some key components to successfully talking to your kids about divorce include treating your kids like people rather than obligations, maintaining a presence in your kids' lives and activities, supporting your children when they show an interest in spending time with the other parent, and avoid confrontation in front of the kids. These things are much easier said than done, but the reward for those that are able to do so are happy and healthy children. Negativity is contagious, and the more ill will you outwardly demonstrate, the more likely your child will do the same.

There is no shame in seeking help getting your family to a place where there can be civility and harmony between divorced parents. Children of divorced parents often want both parents to be present at important life events, such as dance recitals and graduations. If you have kept an open line of honest communication open with your kids about the divorce you will be more likely to participate in these events without conflict. Doing so will also reinforce stability and reassure your kids the divorce is not about them. Kids learn from observation, and being able to get along with your ex-spouse in front of your children will teach tolerance and compassion. The reward of an emotionally content child is reason enough to put your best foot forward when talking to your kids about divorce.

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