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How To Enforce A Child Support Order

Financial support of a child is the responsibility of both parents, whether married or divorced. If the parents are divorced though, the Judge will have entered an order regarding the amount of support due and from whom. When a Judge enters an order it is expected to be followed. Unfortunately that is not always the case and one party or another has a need to seek enforcement. Enforcing child support orders helps ensure your kids are cared for and have the things they need, which is why your choice of family law attorney is significant.

The duty to provide support does not terminate if a parent moves out of state, or has a change in employment. The amount might change, but only if a request for a modification is made. Therefore, if your ex is not living up to the terms of a Court order for child support you can and should seek enforcement. To make your ex resume payment you have to file a motion in your divorce case. The motion is referred to a motion for contempt, because failing to comply with Court orders is considered contempt of Court. A skilled family law attorney can help you by filing the motion, gathering the evidence, and attending the hearing to argue your case. The facts establishing the failure to pay must be presented. These steps should be taken after the Child Support Enforcement Section is unsuccessful at collecting the child support you are owed.

Possible remedies include garnishment of wages, loss of certain licenses, and negative credit reporting. These consequences, along with the possibility of being found in contempt of Court usually cause your ex to start paying the support. If not and there is a change in circumstances such as a drop in income, this must be presented to the Court for consideration.

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