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Some Good News: Prior Alimony Orders Remain Undisturbed In New Jersey

In the midst of the media storm surrounding efforts to reform alimony in New Jersey, it is difficult to wade through the information and know what is accurate and what is typical reporting. It is comforting to know there is some good news in the middle of what most perceive to be unpleasant reports. The result from New Jersey's recent alimony reform is a law that seems harsh, and only a slight improvement over what was already in place.

While the law may be studied by other states seeking to change the way alimony is fixed in their states, one thing that remains the same is prior orders remain intact. This makes the law attractive to those that are seeking to change the status quo, as do the following factors:

● The duration of payments is made clear in marriages with a less than 20 year duration.

● Judges now have a clear picture of how to decide important issues such as living together without being married, retirement, and employment status of the parties.

While orders that are already in place will not be disturbed by the new law, if you are seeking a modification of that order the new law will be applied. This means if you believe your case is ripe for having the spousal support order modified, for things like changes in employment or marital status, your case will be decided under the new law. Making the decision to modify your spousal support order should now be taken under serious consideration, so the result reached is satisfactory. The last thing anyone wants to have happen is a modification that is less desirable than the current order. To make this decision, it is critical you seek the advice and input of a qualified family law attorney.

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