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How Domestic Violence May Soon Be Monitored in New Jersey

Registries have served the legal industry quite well, particularly when involving criminal sex conduct cases. What about domestic violence, though? What can be done about that? Right here in New Jersey, there seems to be a new development that might revamp the stratosphere with respect to what the public can do about domestic violence.

There is, in fact, a current domestic violence registry available for New Jersey law enforcement officers and the court system as a whole. The database, though, isn't accessible to the public. Here we have an assemblyman Reed Gusciora lobbying for the implementation of such a database available to the public for purposes of knowing who you're with. It's that easy to spot a sex offender. Why not someone who's had a history of domestic violence?

Gusciora was particularly interested in the idea given the fact that he, himself, is a municipal prosecutor, seeing so many instances where women had been abused constantly by men. There is a cycle, a vicious circle, present in these cases. Many of those men had hurt past partners; that makes such a registry especially relevant in this case.

What it would take to ensure that such a database becomes available to the public would be determined by legislation. Would there be cause to argue of an invasion of privacy, for instance? Are we crossing lines here? Let us at Moskowitz Law Group, LLC know what you think. Should we all know about people's pasts with respect to domestic violence? Or not? You be the judge.