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The Importance of Divorce Representation for Doctors

Doctors are well-compensated for the services they provide. It would then stand to reason that any physician out there facing a coming divorce petition or proceeding must bear in mind this important fact and piece of advice: prenuptial agreements are vital and it is critical to ensure that such agreements are fair and equitable.

No matter what you're looking at with respect to the medical industry, a forensic valuation of a medical practice can be a complex issue, one requiring immediate representation and sophisticated legal counsel to traverse the courtroom landscape successfully. Sometimes it must occur that a medical practice must close down due to an order of divorce, and that's all well and good.

How does one determine the value of the medical practice, though? There's estate planning and asset protection to consider as well. Looking at a prenuptial agreement to make sure all value has been presented is crucial. Either one party can lose out or gain too much. Fairness is key, and you certainly don't want to extend the timeline longer than it needs to be.

Legal representation is especially important given the high demand placed on physicians with their high-stress environments and work hours, along with children that may be present within the family with regard to the physicians' spouses. We always urge many clients in that situation to never forego representation under divorce law. Consider a consultation very seriously and get the divorce done right so it doesn't create unnecessary headaches in the future.

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