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Any time that two partners choose to get a divorce, the prospect of alimony payments may be included in the negotiation process, especially if one spouse is in particular need of financial support and assistance. Alimony is meant to maintain the lifestyle of the lower-earning spouse so that they may return to normalcy and financial comfort after getting a divorce.

Alimony is typically separated into various categories and will depend on a few factors such as the income level of each spouse, the length of their marriage, and their reason for separation. The guidance and assistance of a Bergen County alimony lawyer could assist you and your family during this time of need. An experienced family attorney could make sure that no side is treated unfairly.

Alimony Law Varies by Situation

Alimony cases vary as widely as family circumstances. Every case is analyzed and reviewed in an unbiased, individual manner and will make a decision based on the evidence and circumstances of each party involved.

In New Jersey, several types of alimony are available to serve various purposes and needs. These types include:

  • Pendente Lite alimony – temporary alimony meant to maintain both spouses in the same financial position while the divorce process is ongoing
  • Open durational alimony – alimony with no predetermined end date, only available for divorces following marriages of at least 20 years; replaced permanent alimony in New Jersey in 2014
  • Limited duration alimony – alimony that provides payments of a predetermined amount from one former partner to another for a predetermined length of time
  • Rehabilitative alimony – meant to “rehabilitate” a spouse who needs to seek new occupational or educational opportunities to support themselves after divorcing a partner on whom they were previously dependent
  • Reimbursement alimony – meant to reimburse a spouse for financial contributions they made to their former partner’s occupational or educational pursuits during their marriage

An alimony attorney in Bergen County could help determine which type of alimony each individual couple may be eligible for.

New Jersey Laws Regarding Alimony

New Jersey’s alimony laws establish the factors and options by which courts may determine eligibility for alimony. Key factors taken into consideration may include:

  • The needs of any children produced by the marriage, as well as any relevant custody concerns
  • The standard of living, income level, and earning ability of each spouse
  • Individual and joint debts of each spouse

In most circumstances, remarriage or a financial agreement with another person will end durational and nondurational alimony. However, remarriage is not sufficient to end rehabilitative or reimbursement alimony.

Let a Bergen County Alimony Attorney Help

If you are a Bergen County resident and either considering or actively undergoing a divorce, it may benefit you to schedule a comprehensive consultation with a Bergen Country alimony lawyer as soon as possible. Skilled legal representation could provide you with knowledge of your options, as well as overall peace of mind.

The longer you wait, the more complicated your alimony case may become. Let an alimony attorney in Bergen County represent your rights and help you maintain your lifestyle during and after your divorce.

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