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Why We Are Different

Why Moskowitz Law Group, LLC Is Different

Divorce Attorneys in Bergen County, NJ

At Moskowitz Law Group, LLC, we are different than the rest of the firms that you may be considering. Your situation is important to us. We are advocates with IDEALs. How so?

In every case that we handle we implement our traits acronym "IDEAL,” which stands for:

  • Integrity
  • Diplomacy
  • Empathy
  • Advocacy
  • Legal knowledge

Please consider the following characteristics when determining whether or not to retain our services:

We develop strategic yet cost-effective solutions.
Our legal team strives to develop solutions designed to help our clients through their family law matters while minimizing the financial burden and emotional hardship that often comes with the divorce process. We represent our clients with the highest level of care and attention.

We protect our clients' rights through aggressive and ethical representation.
Each step of the divorce process can have a serious impact on your life. You need representation on your side that will capitalize on every opportunity, and that will fight to minimize any adverse effect of a verdict in your case.

We work to resolve this issue as soon as possible.
Our Bergen County family law firm understands that you may be suffering greatly from this process, and we understand how important it is to effectively resolve divorce and family law matters in a timely fashion. This is the service you will receive if you choose to work with us.

We devote our practice exclusively to family law.
When you are seeking a divorce, you need a divorce lawyer, not one that handles many different areas of law. We limit our practice solely to family law so that we may provide a higher quality product to our clients than those that offer assistance in multiple areas.

We provide personal attention.
Many larger firms may work to speed the process along in whatever way possible, this includes passing your case off to clerks and other handlers. When you choose to work with us, you can be sure that you will have access to your attorney, and that you will receive the one-on-one personal service that you need.

We offer competitive legal fees.
We understand the financial hardships that you may be enduring, and we understand that lengthy divorce cases can be costly. For these and other reasons, we offer competitive rates for representation so that you may maximize the effect of your money.

We maintain easy accessibility.
If you choose to work with our firm, you will have various means to keep in contact with your attorney such as email, telephone, in-person meetings, and others. We understand the need for personal attention during this difficult time. Let us help in your case!

We provide the information that you need.
In these various family law and divorce matters, there are often times where you may be unaware as to the best option for your future. We work to ensure that you have the necessary information to make an educated decision for your situation.

Let Us Fight for You. Call (201) 419-6223 Today.

If you are facing a divorce or family law matter, then let us work with you toward the results that you need. Our Bergen County divorce attorneys can help you. We have more than 50 years of collective experience and have a Hebrew speaking lawyer on staff.

Contact our office today to discuss your situation and to begin the process of retaining the skillful representation that you need on your side.

Results May Vary Depending On Your Particular Facts and Legal Circumstances