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High-Asset Divorce

Facing a High-Asset Divorce?

Morristown Divorce Attorneys Providing Effective Representation

As if going through divorce is not a complicated enough process, when there are numerous assets involved, the process can become increasingly complex. At Moskowitz Law Group, LLC, our Morristown divorce attorneys are committed to providing effective representation and trusted counsel for individuals going through high-asset divorces.

Regardless of how complicated your situation may seem, you can rest-assured that we will put our best foot forth in helping you obtain the most favorable outcome for your situation. We recognize that you are going through an overwhelming time in your life, and in retaining our service, you will be provided with the compassionate, respectful, and straightforward counsel you deserve.

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Property Division & Divorce

When it comes to property division, New Jersey is an equitable distribution state. Property that is accumulated during the marriage is considered marital property, meaning it is owned equally between both spouses. Before the property is divided, the court will need to know which property belongs to the spouses equally, separately, and how much there is of both types of property.

Some marital assets that are distributed during property division include:

  • 401Ks
  • Bonds
  • Checking and saving accounts
  • Business owned by one or both spouses
  • Cash value of life insurance policies
  • Furniture in all houses
  • Individual retirement accounts
  • Motor vehicles
  • Pension plans
  • Real estate
  • Stocks

While dividing property can be complicated in a normal divorce, it can become especially complicated in a high-asset divorce. With more than five decades of collective experience in the field, our divorce lawyers in New Jersey are prepared to provide start-to-finish representation for clients facing high-asset divorces.

Make Sure Your Assets Are Protected!

As a person of high net worth, it is important to ensure the assets that you have worked so hard to earn remain protected. The more assets that are involved, the more likely divorcing spouses are to argue when it comes to dividing the assets. To avoid disputes, it can be helpful to thoroughly prepare, value, and account for all assets. If your divorce calls for litigation, we will not hesitate to provide you with the representation you need in court.

At Moskowitz Law Group, LLC, Family Law Is All We Do.

We recognize that in a high-asset divorce, there is a lot at stake. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that the lawyer you have backing you will do everything in their power to protect your property, rights, and interests. Our firm focuses solely on the practice of family law, which enables us maintain an in-depth familiarity with the ins and outs of the New Jersey family law system.

When your hard-earned assets are at stake, don't wait to take action! Contact us.

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